About Us


DEGILOG., LTD provides overseas exhibition services.

In recent years, more and more companies go to overseas exhibition, especially with the development of economy China all industries fast growth, exhibition activities not noly in big city circle, but also in local city exhibition activities increased sharply. However, the domestic and foreign cultural and commercial customs are difference, trouble increased in the overseas exhibitions. Degilog.,LTD is constructing network in the world, we can direct at the local.WE are doing our best to meet the various opinions and requirements of our customers timely, making a better exhibition design and construction plan, to make the exhibition ended successfully.


Our overseas exhibition method is combined with the requirements of the countries to production the corresponding booth. Degilog.,LTD have partners all over the world, we shall contact the local offices and support our customers to solve the problem.


DEGILOG.,LTD provides the best solution for each cases

Compared with the analog image,the digital image is more specific, so the combination of “digital” and “analog”  is simplified as degilog. Our philosophy is”people-oriented to the performance of new design”.


We shall fully support the things that related to exhibition decoration, show display, interior decoration, and so on. With the flexibility and scene for the first, the staffs to share information in timely, to ensure there has staff in the construction site for consultation. We target to find the best partners, to establish long-term cooperative relationship.